Hello! Welcome to diamondpigman.wordpress.com. This used to be my main website donkey’s years ago, but it’s obviously not any more. Feel free to have a browse; I’ve kept most of the content up as it’s funny in a rather cringey way.

If you fancy, my new website is over at tomr.me. I promise it’s got better content.

~ Tom

Below is a list of most of the different designs this website’s had over the years:

diamondpigman.com - 2015-05-23
May 2015
diamondpigman.com - 2015-09-12
September 2015
diamondpigman.com - 2015-11-06
November 2015
diamondpigman.com - 2016-01-10
January 2016

There’s even some captures on the Wayback Machine if you wanna dive that deep. Evidently, I was very indecisive.

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