Hello again! In a few days, the domain diamondpigman.com is expiring. I have chosen not to renew it, as this site is accessible from its wordpress.com subdomain. The only actual use the domain is getting right now is email, and none of the emails it receives is important enough to warrant keeping the domain alive just for.

I might end up letting the domain expire with WordPress.com, but then immediately buying it back with a decent registrar (like Namecheap or Tsohost). Yes, I know transferring exists, however, that requires access to the old email I have tied to the domain currently, which no longer exists.

Whichever I choose, this old site will always be accessible from “diamondpigman.wordpress.com”.

Thanks for sticking around,


PS: My new site/blog/whatever is over at dnomaid.co.uk; go check it out!

Update 2017-11-15:

Apologies for not updating this post earlier, but the domain has expired, and you can no longer visit this site using it. RIP diamondpigman.com (2015–2016).


Welp. Stuff just went down

This is sorta just gonna be a “TLDR” post because I gotta get some sleep.

So yea.  I am now no longer completely inside of EGN. Now that’s out of the way, now let’s sya what relation to EGN I have. Basically,  I am now just “affiliated”  with them,  like I will help out and record videos with them,  but I am not an member.  Hopefully that made sense.

Usually I’d say why all this happened,  but it’s hard to explain.  But it is down to Dictat0R being a dick though.

I have no idea how I am supposed to end posts like these,  sooooo,  cya o/

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Overclocking GPU infinitely w/ no heat gain!

The Life of Jerry Berg

You have to promise not to share this with anybody. If NVidia or ATI knew I was giving out this information they would sue the crap out of me.

[Scroll Down for steps]


Did I get you? :P #EvilGrin

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Gonna be moving to TSOHost over the next couple days

I’ll post updates on how I’m doing with the move. Remember that imma be over at http://diamondpigman.co.uk from then on, although this .com domain will also stay until next December when it won’t get auto-renewed.