Internet-eyy Questions:

What recording software do you use?

Bandicam (OBS for streaming)

What do you use to edit your videos?

Sony Vegas Pro 13

What software do you use to edit the audio?

Sony Vegas Pro 13 (I never really need to edit the audio, changing the volume is usually OK)

How are your thumbnails made?

With PaintDotNet

Can I be in your videos?

Maybe; Send a Skype message to [removed]

PC Specs?


What are your internet goals?

To get famous enough to sell pencils with my logo on them and to get to level 100 on Steam.

IRL-eyy Questions:

Favourite band?

Feeder :3

Favourite song?

Waiting & Just A Day are even :|

Favourite Car?

Err.. Ferrari Enzo? Or a BMW, idk/c

Favourite Crisps

Cheese And Onion :P

If you had $1M what would you do?

Buy all the things! (And give some to friends/charities and other stuff, but mostly the things)

How do I ask a question?

Teh box below!


(Oh yea, “favourite” is spelled like that in the UK, so piss off, US people :P)