Hello again! In a few days, the domain diamondpigman.com is expiring. I have chosen not to renew it, as this site is accessible from its wordpress.com subdomain. The only actual use the domain is getting right now is email, and none of the emails it receives is important enough to warrant keeping the domain alive just for.

I might end up letting the domain expire with WordPress.com, but then immediately buying it back with a decent registrar (like Namecheap or Tsohost). Yes, I know transferring exists, however, that requires access to the old email I have tied to the domain currently, which no longer exists.

Whichever I choose, this old site will always be accessible from “diamondpigman.wordpress.com”.

Thanks for sticking around,


PS: My new site/blog/whatever is over at dnomaid.co.uk; go check it out!

Update 2017-11-15:

Apologies for not updating this post earlier, but the domain has expired, and you can no longer visit this site using it. RIP diamondpigman.com (2015–2016).


Over the next couple weeks, Imma be transitioning this site to a Self Hosted WordPress site! I still have yet to find a decent host. Suggestions are appreciated. I am also gonna be  going from .com to .co.uk, so you might wanna remember that as well.

TL;DR: Moving to SelfHosted WP. Also changing .com to .co.uk.

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http://diamondpigman.co.uk IS NOW UP! PLEASE USE THAT NOT HERE