EGN 1 Year Anniversary Montage | Sneak Peek #1

Gonna be moving to TSOHost over the next couple days

I’ll post updates on how I’m doing with the move. Remember that imma be over at http://diamondpigman.co.uk from then on, although this .com domain will also stay until next December when it won’t get auto-renewed.

Over the next couple weeks, Imma be transitioning this site to a Self Hosted WordPress site! I still have yet to find a decent host. Suggestions are appreciated. I am also gonna be  going from .com to .co.uk, so you might wanna remember that as well.

TL;DR: Moving to SelfHosted WP. Also changing .com to .co.uk.

Follow my Twitter for updates.


http://diamondpigman.co.uk IS NOW UP! PLEASE USE THAT NOT HERE